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Custom and Restoration Ironwork
Paterson NJ

Build Custom and Restore Your Fences, Gates, Staircase and Railings

Imagine having accomplished and professional wrought iron and aluminum artists  -who are dedicated to preserving their craft of forged and molded iron designs- working closely with you.

Custom Iron and Metal Work 


From the beginning of fabrication and coating to the final installation services, we can reproduce pieces matching designs and materials.

We have the expertise to design and fabricate custom pieces, such as gates, railings, fencing, furniture, sculptures, decorative and functional items, and so much more.

Restoration of Iron and Metal Work

Wrought iron restoration involves repairing and rejuvenating old objects and structures while preserving their historical and artistic value. 

Our restoration team specializes in repairing old ironwork, using techniques and tools to remove rust and refinish surfaces, replace missing or damaged parts, and reinforce weakened joints and supports.  


We take great care that our repair work is done accurately, preserving the historical and artistic value of the structure.

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